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I am a freelance professional. How do I submit my portfolio for review?
Antigone House Co. Publishing Division hire their freelancers directly.

How do I request reproduction rights for a portion of an Antigone House book or digital material for educational use?
If you wish to reproduce literary material for academic use, please e-mail consumer.products at antigonehouse dot com

How do I submit my manuscript to Antigone House Co. for publication?   
Antigone House Co. does not accept artwork or unsolicited submission queries at this time.

How do I find author readings, signings, or speaking events?
You may view all public events in the “media” section.

For inquiries related to a specific book or event, e-mail: consumer.products at antigonehouse dot com.

All requests for permission to use a photo or text reproduction in your publication are to be submitted via e-mail.

We appreciate hearing from you. For privacy reasons, we are unable to give out personal addresses or phone numbers.

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