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  • Please do not contact Santa Monica Playhouse. “Antigone House Co.” is a Guest Production at Santa Monica Playhouse.

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Who’s Antigone? Founder of Antigone House Co.  2017 (for details see ‘about’ section).

What’s Antigone House Co.? Antigone House Co.–a novel entertainment company–is committed to the flourishing of transformational art. In addition to the Publishing Division, the Company showcases original paintings and novel merchandise products. Soon, it will be also releasing groundbreaking media productions (film and theatrical outlets). Antigone House Co. will contribute to the creation of a less ethnocentric and more cultural relativist art.

  • I am a freelance professional. How do I submit my portfolio for review?
    • Antigone House Publishing Division hire their freelancers directly.
  • How do I request reproduction rights for a portion of an Antigone House book or digital material for educational use?
    • If you wish to reproduce literary material for academic use, please contact the webmaster.
  • How do I submit my manuscript to Antigone House Co. for publication?   
    • Antigone House Co. does not accept artwork or unsolicited submission queries at this time. 
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    • You may view all public events in the ‘EVENTS’ section. 
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