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“We live in the United States – a patriarchal, male-dominated society permeated with systemic racism. In fact, gender inequality and racial relations are major issues in the Western and Eastern Worlds. But did we ever have a matriarchal society? Well, no true matriarchy is known actually to have existed.”

“What’s my point? Paradoxically, strong men aren’t necessarily dangerous and not every men at the top got there because they misused their power. The argument that the Western World is ‘doomed’ or a ‘failure’ because its status of perpetual tyrannical patriarchy is a challenging one. After all, how many “true civilized” societies are there? A dozen or less?” It must be acknowledged that the Western culture is (also) utilitarian and fundamentally good.”

“Still, post-modern women shouldn’t have to act like men to be successful.”

“We should trust our intuition and connect with our inner self.”

“We should be more patient and tolerant with ourselves.”  


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